Red is an exploration of trauma and it’s lifelong impact on families. I wanted to raise the question: how different could your life be, if you forgot all the traumatic memories of your past and all the limitations it brought with it? Could you start afresh – wipe the slate clean? I have relied heavily…Read more »

Bell Magazine Interview

Interview with Paula Armstrong – Playwright The Bell: What is the playwriting workshop for young playwrights about? Paula: I’m so excited about this workshop! It’s a wonderful opportunity for young writers to learn how to write a ten minute play. Ten minute plays are a great way to experiment with playwriting as it follows a…Read more »

Every layer of aroma

JUST WRITE! Day 6 Prompt:  Explore “I inhaled every layer of it’s aroma, the smell…. “I am being cradled in a warm cocoon.  My head is gently rising and falling on a slow pulsating cushion.  The turbulent sound of blood rushing in my ears has been replaced by the gentle sounds of breathing.  Inhale…..exhale….. The …Read more »